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Connect & Reflect Group Therapy

Hello and Welcome!

Here is a little more info into Group Therapy which is starting from September:

Session Format:

The group therapy sessions will provide a blend of psychoeducation, self-exploration, and reflective group discussions. Each session will focus on different aspects of personal development and self-understanding, combining educational content with opportunities for small group discussions and reflections. This structure will allow you to share your experiences, relate to one another, and explore the roots of your feelings and behaviours and responses.

Group Size and Consistency:
To foster a sense of safety and connection among members, the group will be kept small and intimate, capped at a maximum of 8 participants. It will be the same group of people every month, which helps build trust and continuity within the group.

Scheduling Concerns:
I understand the importance of consistent attendance and the worry of missing sessions, unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds for missed sessions but you are welcome to join back as normal in the next session.


Session Dates: 

🔹September 13th 2024

🔹October 18th 2024

🔹November 15th 2024

🔹December 13th 2024

🔹January 17th 2025

🔹February 14th 2025

All sessions will be held via Zoom between 10am & 11.30am.


Payment Information:

Each session costs £50, making the total cost for the group therapy £300. This can be paid either in full or split into two payments of £150 each. Sessions must be paid to secure your place with the full balance cleared by the 9th August 2024.

If you are my client:
You are welcome to join the group therapy sessions. Rest assured, anything discussed in our one-on-one sessions will remain confidential and will not be brought into the group setting. Your privacy will be fully maintained throughout. While you are free to share with others that you see me for individual therapy, I will never disclose this information myself.

A breakdown of what we may explore each month:

Month 1: Understanding self identity and how self can be shaped by experiences and being autistic/adhd

Month 2: Emotional awareness and regulation, understanding and identifying emotions etc

Month 3: Social relationships and communication

Month 4: Self esteem and self worth

Month 5: Coping with stress and anxiety

Month 6: Goal setting and personal growth.

As we progress through the sessions, some of the content may evolve based on the dynamics and preferences of the group. Each session will provide opportunities for you to reflect on your own experiences. You will gain the most from the sessions if you actively engage, ask questions, and share your reflections and insights. However, please only share what you feel comfortable with.

This is a gentle reminder that there are only 8 spaces available. If you are interested in joining for self-exploration or to connect with other autistic/ADHD adults, please use the following links to sign up:


Pay in full:

Pay in two Parts:

Your payment, whether made in full or split into two installments, will secure your place. Please note that no refunds will be available.

If you need any further adjustments, feel free to let me know!


Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns. I am looking forward to the possibility of you joining me and together creating a safe space for connection with others as well as self exploration.

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