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We are a small team of three therapists, have a read to get to know a little more about us.

Hi I’m Andi,

 I have experience working with issues such as anxiety, relationship break downs, redundancy and loneliness.  


I have a particular interest in neurodiversity and feel strongly about providing an opportunity for neurodivergent adults to explore their issues with someone who can relate to their experience.  


For most of my life, I felt I was missing a rule book, and that if I could just figure out the missing information, things would get easier.  


Through working in academia, I gained extensive experience and witnessed first-hand the struggles that students faced in coping with the challenges of academic life, in particular how life changes can bring neurodiversity issues to light.  T


his was reinforced for me when I embarked on my own studies as a mature student, a challenge that confirmed a long-held suspicion that I had ADHD.  This was both a light bulb moment and one of extreme regret over lost opportunities.  


Since then, I have continued to learn as much as I can about neurodivergence, most recently having completed an ADHD Certified Clinical Services certificate.


I am also interested in how ADHD sits alongside health issues such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and the importance of finding self-acceptance. 


I look after my own mental health by spending time walking or training with my dog or pottering in my garden.  Additionally, I always have a book (or three) to read.

Andi, a counsellor looking directly at the camera, long hair and fringe smelling. Trees in background and blue sky

  Katie and I trained together and bonded over our shared love for animals and personal experiences of neurodivergence, so I was delighted when she invited me to join her at The Neurodivergent Therapy Space.  We both understand the significance of prioritizing mental and emotional health alongside life's other challenges. 


Life can be tough, especially when you feel isolated. If you're dealing with anxiety, low mood, loneliness, or feeling stuck, talking to someone can make a difference. If you're unsure where to begin or find it hard to trust, that's okay. I'm here to sit with you, offering support as we explore your thoughts and feelings, even if they're unclear to you. 

Establishing this practice shortly after completing my therapy studies, my dedication to enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of others has been a lifelong passion, nurtured since my late teens and early adulthood. Throughout the years, I've committed myself to delving deeper into the intricacies of human personality and interpersonal dynamics.


I hold a particular fascination with examining the intricate link between emotional and physical health, as well as delving into the enduring effects of stress and trauma on our bodies. Recently, I completed a Somatic Trauma Psychotherapy course, enriching my practice with valuable insights and psycho-educational tools aimed at aiding your understanding of yourself and facilitating the healing of your trauma.

When life becomes overwhelming, I seek solace in my garden, immersing myself in nature's embrace. Often accompanied by my two dogs, although their exuberance can sometimes add to my stress, particularly as they demand more attention than my teenagers.

Katie sat on sofa with a striped jumper on and glasses and a cocker spaniel and border terrier sat on her lap

Hello, I'm Liz, a qualified counsellor and graduate psychologist. My journey into mental health began as a peer mentor, drawing from my own experiences to support others. Over the past 5 years, I've worked with a mental health charity, offering one-on-one support and leading therapeutic groups.

I had experienced my own mental health challenges from the age of 10, but despite some therapies proving extremely useful, there were some areas where I just felt stuck. While training as a counsellor and working in the mental health sector, I began to explore autism and ADHD, and eventually received diagnoses of both in my late 30s. Through my own journey and the work I was doing, I realised the need for our therapeutic techniques to be adapted and tailored to

neurodivergent experiences.


Through this work and my training, I've discovered the importance of self-understanding and self-compassion. I advocate for holistic therapies, including mindfulness, creative therapies, and nature-based practices. My specialisation lies in LGBT+ issues, with a focus on the experiences of transgender clients in medical and psychological settings.

Liz, a counselling pyscologist, facing the camera with blonde hair down partly covering face and smiling.

I am thrilled to be working with The Neurodivergent Therapy Space, where I can continue to utilise my lived experience to support others, providing validating and affirming care. I know first-hand the power of sharing with another, of relating and feeling heard, and I relish the opportunity to provide this for others.

In my own self-care, I find tranquillity in hiking in the hills and mountains, practising yoga, and in creative pursuits such as writing and music. I also adore animals and love to spend time with my two cats, Tybalt and Horatio. I am hoping to study animal therapy, and I dream of owning alpacas in the mountains of Scotland!

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