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A bit about me

I underwent my therapy training during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only granted me my qualifications but also afforded me extensive experience working both in-person and online with clients.


Throughout my teenage years and well into adulthood, I consistently felt like an outsider, constantly striving to comprehend my friends and peers while grappling with a profound sense of difference. My thought processes seemed to diverge significantly from those around me, leading to periods of low self-esteem, social isolation, and depression.


Katie, sat on the sofa with arm leaning on the back and head resting on hand, mustard coloured jumper on

As an adult, after raising two children and navigating their ADHD/autism diagnoses, I embarked on a journey to understand my own neurodivergent mind. Through extensive therapy aimed at processing past traumas and gaining insight into my unique cognitive processes, I have arrived at a place of self-acceptance and inner peace. While I still encounter challenging days—because, after all, I am only human—I no longer dwell in self-loathing or persistent sadness.


This personal transformation inspired me to establish a therapeutic space where clients could benefit from the expertise of a practitioner who not only possesses academic knowledge but also intimately understands the lived experience of neurodivergence.

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