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Looking for a Diagnosis?

Here are several options that might suit your needs, offering both free and private avenues to explore. It's essential to exercise caution when seeking a diagnosis and thoroughly research the professionals you choose to work with. Some individuals prefer seeking evaluation through systems administered by neurodivergent individuals, as they often possess a deeper understanding of the experiences you may be encountering. It's worth noting that many medical professionals still adhere to outdated, stereotypical criteria, meaning that if your behaviors don't conform to those of a stereotypical autistic male child, you may not receive a diagnosis. Therefore, conducting thorough research beforehand is crucial.

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RTN Mental Solutions

This service is operated by mental health experts and is likely one of the most affordable private diagnostic options available, promising a diagnosis within 8 weeks of initial contact. For further details, visit their website by clicking the link provided below, which will direct you straight to it.


Additionally, you can utilise the code JJ007 to receive a discount on the total price.

Click the link below to access their website.


As you are probably aware, NHS wait times are around two years for a diagnosis which can cause alot of stress in the meantime, however, this option is free and can be accessed by contacting your GP and requesting a referral. 

Right to choose

You can choose to access a diagnosis through the 'right to choose' via the NHS so you can access it free or there is an option to pay privately. Current wait times are around 6 months.
Link to their site below.

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