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Am I Autistic? ADHD? Dyslexic? Neurodivergence - what does it mean and who am I?

Neurodivergence Umbrella

The term neurodivergence (ND) is used to describe anyone's brain that diverges from a neurotypical (NT) way of working.

ND encompasses so much more than what is on this post but this will give you an idea of what it includes.

Neurdovergence can be the way the brain is formed in the womb or it can be because of trauma.

Trauma changes the way our brain processes and uses information.

Many people who are ND process information, their environment and other people differently than NT people.

More and more people are self-diagnosing or gaining formal diagnoses due to the level of awareness there is in society now.

Supporting people who feel they fall into one of these categories is my passion as I know only too well the challenges that people face growing up in a world that isn't accessible to them!

Below is a picture which has a few different ways in which the brain may work.

I would like to add that I do not believe any of these are "disorders" despite their names. neurodivergent people have a different brain process but no one is disordered. This term is an old pathologised way of sectioning people off who don't meet society's view of "normal."

A few tips if you are wondering whether you fall into the neurodivergence umbrella:

- Look on Insta and TikTok and follow people who are autistic/adhd/bipola (whichever you feel fits you)

This way you can begin to learn about yourself through others that have lived experience not looking at pathologised, medical research completed by neurotypical people who do not have the lived experience.

- Keep a journal

- Review your childhood, how did you feel compared to people around you?

- Speak to someone you trust who isn't going to shut you down and dismiss you.

- Seek a counsellor with lived experience who can offer accommodations and help you to unpick your thoughts and feelings about who you are.

- Trust yourself, you know you.

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