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A Therapy Dog... or Maybe Not!

This is our Mollie.

The intention for our Miss Mollie when we brought her into our lives, was to have her as my little counselling helper.

I envisioned the perfect little therapy dog to help support all my lovely clients during our one to one counselling sessions.

She would sit calmly by my clients' feet or next to them on the sofa if they wished and she would use her cocker spaniel healing powers to help clients feel at ease during their sessions.

Unfortunately, Mollie seems to have other ideas!

Mollie LOVES humans, she loves humans so much her little bones shake with excitement every time she sees a human; which is a great (most of the time)

However, Mollie's level of excitement would more than likely cause increased levels of anxiety; which then defeats the whole purpose of therapy.

Currently, as I write this post I have retrieved a sock, some raw pasta and a clothes peg from her mouth which she has ever so kindly pinched one at a time from various areas of the house.

So, as it stands Mollie, you are unable to come to work with me and meet lots of other lovely humans!

Who knows, maybe in the future Mollie will learn that all humans are lovely but they don’t all want to be licked to death and bounced all over!!

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