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The Challenges that come with Being A Special Needs Parent

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A window into the world of a mother who has desperately tried to seek emotional support for herself and her family; In this short piece of writing, she expresses the daily barriers she has faced and continues to face with each system she tried to turn to.

Yep.. this is how it goes

Being a special needs parent goes something like this...

Parent: I'm Struggling... Camhs: Your not Struggling enough yet. Services: You seem to be managing realy well. School: There fine here.

Parent: OK seriously im realy Struggling please help me... Camhs: Ok, we will help in 18-24 months. Services: You are coping so well its brilliant. School: Still fine in school.

Parent: I'm begging you, I cant do this... Camhs: Only 12-18 months left to wait. Services: Your not parenting right, take a parenting course. School: We dont see any issues apart from the fact your always late.

Parent: My child is out of control and a danger to themselves and others, I can't cope, im Struggling, please help me... Camhs: Fine your on the urgent pathway, see you in 4-6 months Services: You can't keep you child safe, we are sending a Social worker, you should really be trying to help your child. School: If they have anymore time off you will get a fine, they cope fine once they are here.

Parent: Why is no one helping me?... Camhs: ........................ Services: ..................... School: .........................

Parent: Omg we finaly got here...we are going to get the help we need!... Camhs: Yes they have Aditional needs there is a diagnosis report on its way in the post. Services: Heres some leaflets. School: Ok thats fine we will continue to do what we have being doing, we will just tick a box on some paper.

Parent: So what now...Who do we receive help and support from? Camhs: ....not us sorry.... Services: ....not us sorry... School: ....EHCP? No you don't need that, also not us sorry....

This is reality of what we go through, the truth, the Struggling, the lack of support, empathy and general lack of resources... if you too are going through this, Im sorry, just know you are not alone, keep going, one day the clouds won't be as heavy

Anonymous Writer

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