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How do you know if it's Trauma, Autism or ADHD?

How can you discern whether you need to address and overcome trauma, or if you might autistic, or perhaps you have ADHD, or even a mix of everything? It's a challenge to navigate.

Processing trauma doesn't necessarily lead to clarity about whether you are autistic or ADHD. From what I've observed, most individuals carry some degree of trauma into adulthood. Even if it seems minor, there are usually lingering effects.

It's possible to work through and heal these experiences. However, sometimes it's hard to distinguish between trauma and the experiences of ADHD or autism. Undiagnosed ADHD or autism can contribute to trauma, and trauma can manifest similarly to these conditions.

This overlap can leave us feeling bewildered when trying to understand ourselves. If you're feeling lost or confused, step back and ask yourself what you're struggling with and what do you know for sure about yourself.

Identifying your needs provides a starting point, from which you can unravel and address other complexities. Experiment with different approaches—whether it's creative strategies or writing things down—to understand yourself better - or seeking professional support from someone with lived and educational experience of neurodivergence and who is trauma informed.

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