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Six Things NOT to do Over Christmas!

  • Give in to other people's expectations

You do not need to meet the expectation of other people just because it's 'Christmas' you do you as best as you can. Negotiate with family and if it just isn't meeting your needs, hold your boundaries. You have a right to say no.

  • Try and see everyone

This is one thing I have never understood about Christmas, suddenly you have to see every Tom, Dick and Harry because there's a week window and if you don't then... Well, nothing happens if you don't; society has bred into us that we should see everyone over Christmas. Those beliefs may not be your beliefs and that is ok!! Go with what is comfortable and manageable for you.

  • Drink so much it makes you feel worse later

Remember, alcohol is a depressant. What unwinds you at that moment will likely leave you feeling worse later.

  • Overspend

January is a long and draining month, most people are paid earlier in December so set a budget for spending and stick to it. A good app to monitor your spending is "snoop" - link below.

  • Reduce your boundaries for others

You don't need to meet other people's needs and reduce your boundaries. Your boundaries are there to protect you and your health. Often people can feel guilty when putting themselves first, this is common and if you need support with firming up your boundaries then speak to a professional counsellor who can help you with this.

  • Ignore your needs and wants

Pay close attention to how much you ignore your wants and needs... this links closely with boundaries but can lead to ill health. Acknowledge when you need space and time away from everyone.

Remember, you are human and your feelings ARE valid!

Watching the pennies app:

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