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5 Reasons Why Support Groups are Good for you?

  1. Support groups provide a non-judgmental, safe space for you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  2. You can learn helpful coping strategies and gain insight from others who have had similar experiences.

  3. Being part of a support group can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  4. Participating in a support group can help you find positive ways to express your emotions.

  5. You can benefit from the collective wisdom of the group and build a supportive community of peers.

Therapeutic support doesn't have to just be one to one counselling, it can be in the form of group work, group work offers an alternative way of processing and understanding yourself whilst also making connections with others facing similar challenges in life.

Being neurodivergent in a world made up for neurotypical people can be hard, we tend to face challenges often minute by minute, never mind day by day.

Loneliness can become a real issue but often thats entangled with energy and difficulties surrounding socialising. This conflict can be hard to figure out and unpick on our own.

If you are interested in group support, contact me for more info :)

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