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The Benefits of Online Counselling UK

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Online Counselling - How will it Help?

There is a whole new world of easier, more accessible counselling through the online world. If you are considering online counselling but are feeling a bit unsure, here are a few benefits below:

  • You are in the comfort of your own home! That means you can grab a cuppa 5 mins before your session, grab a blanket and stay warm!

  • If it has been a particularly challenging session, you don't have to face the public as you navigate your way back to your car or the nearest bus stop. You can grab whatever makes you feel comfortable and recuperate from what you just talked about.

  • You don't have to limit yourself to your local area, you can find a therapist you connect well with anywhere in the UK.

  • Online therapy provides easier access for people who struggle with disabilities or chronic illnesses like CFS/ME. Travelling can use up more energy than the actual session and so once you have travelled there, completed your session and then travelled back, you may then find yourself unable to do anything else that day.

  • You can arrange other meetings/ commitments right around your sessions as you only have to factor in the time spent with your therapist. Once you are finished, you are finished and you can head straight into something else if you wish.

  • No money is spent on petrol or taxis/buses and no waiting around for public transport or getting stuck in traffic.

  • You can even organise your sessions during your lunch hour if you wish... or early morning/late evening because your therapist doesn't have to get home either.

  • If you are autistic/ADHD or struggle with leaving your home due to anxiety, then this gives you a much less daunting option for therapy.

Always speak to your chosen therapist about any concerns you may have and they should be able to help you in accessing and feeling comfortable with online counselling.

That being said, it isn't for everyone and that is ok too.

Always check the counsellor you are looking at to ensure they are a member of a professional body. If they are, they will be happy to give you their membership number so you can check just to be sure.

You can book a cuppa and a chat with me if you would like more info about online therapy by clicking the link below.

For more information about online counselling, please follow the link below:

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