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What Happens in the First Counselling session?

What Can I Expect From the First Counselling Session

You have had your first chat with a therapist you have liked the look/sound/feel of and you have felt a connection with them so decide they are right and book in for your first session.

There's now a whole mix of emotions going on, perhaps you feel a little anxious or perhaps you are eager to get started. Either way, your therapist will be able to support you through the process from that first conversation right the way through to your very last session.

All therapists work differently so it's important to go with the one that feels right for you.

Because all therapists work differently I can only speak from what I do, from our first contact to our first session and beyond.

After we have had a bit of a chat, hopefully, you are feeling a little more relaxed that I am not a robot or a scary person who wants you to divulge all your past without giving you any sense of ease or comfort throughout the process.

We will look at our diaries together and see what works best for you and book our first session. The biggest bit is done, you made contact, we had a cuppa and a phone call and we have booked the first session.

I will always let you know during our call what happens next which is when I email out my 'new client starter pack'.

This includes:

  • A copy of our contract

  • A privacy statement

  • An initial assessment form

  • An invoice for our first session

  • A reoccurring Teams Meeting link

These can be completed in our first session or you can complete and email straight back via my encrypted email address which ensures your data is kept secure, confidential and GDPR compliant.

So, now you find yourself sitting at your computer in the Teams Meeting room wondering what will happen in the first session.

Please feel reassured that it is completely normal to wonder what to talk about or where to start. I am right with you, supporting you every step of the way.

We will begin our session and check we can hear and see each other, and then we will have a look at the contract together, this is your opportunity to ask me any questions or look at any concerns you may have regarding it and if appropriate adaptations can be made.

After we have done this, I will usually ask what is it you would like to focus on, and what would you like support with.

What would you like to happen in your life that can be worked on in our sessions?

Sometimes people like to work on a different topic each week and some have a topic that requires a deeper focus.

The session will take off from there and before you know it I'll be gently letting you know that we are approaching the end of our session.

After you have completed your first session, the following sessions begin to feel much easier as you get to know me and build up trust.

Together we go on your journey to find the peace, acceptance, confidence, contentment or whatever it is you want to feel more of... or less of.

Use the link below for more info on what to expect and the types of counselling available:

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